What is a “Bridal” makeup application, how is it done, and why does it cost more than my maids?

before and after makeup photos

Have you asked our competitors what their makeup application entails? Many artists can make you look pretty, but is their look technical? You are the star, choose experts so your makeup is not just beautiful and long wear – that is the easy part  but can transition from yellow to white light, for indoor and outdoor lighting, so you do not look white cast or too yellow. Makeup loses its intensity on film so muct be applied heavier in pigment as to ensure your photographer captures the look as is. We balance your makeup, to ensure it resignates on film while balanced for the naked eye, as well so android and iphone shots look amazing as well. It is also done for extreme heat, seating, beading, touching, kissing, and you will guaranteed wake up with it on! All while still having a BREATHABLE look♥ Bridal is NOT just a pretty look, but a very technical expert application. Trust it’s benefits with pros.



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